Cloud Solutions Architect - Mitesh Chauhan

Company: Dot Net Solutions
Job Title: Cloud Solutions Architect
Bio: Over 15 years of experience in the IT industry and over 10 years in managing teams and projects to architect and deliver multi-site, highly available and high performance BI platforms using SQL Server, SharePoint and IIS based web applications.

What career path did you take to bring you to your current job title?

Worked in operations, helpdesk, IT manager, consulting, practice manager then solutions architect.

What does an average working day look like?

Writing documents for customers, travelling and speaking to customers. Showing customers and junior staff the best ways they can implement cloud technology to help their businesses.

What advice would you give someone getting into the industry?

Look at MS certifications, use the free training available at Microsoft Virtual Academy. Build test environments, poly with new technology, bend it, break it, fix it, document it and teach it. Then get certified ! This is the best way and has worked for me.,