Head of Training & Change Management - Emily Merron

Company: Netpremacy
Job Title: Head of Training & Change Management
Bio: Emily is Head of Training and Change Management at Netpremacy. Read more from Emily on her blog.

What does an average working day look like?

Running the business change globally for companies moving onto Google. Planning training schedules, running training sessions, planning and implementing Google communications, and running Google Go-Live days onsite - involving a lot of travel!

What career path did you take to bring you to your current job title?

Previous roles included working as a Regional Trainer, and then at a training provider. I began working in this role as a Google Trainer and worked my way up.

What advice would you give someone getting into the industry?

Having a degree helps, but also not being spoon-fed, finding your own opportunities and making it happen.

How can we inspire more young people and women into the industry to fill the ever widening skills gap?

I.T is dominated by males predominantly, so being a woman in this position in within the industry is great. Going along to careers fairs and seeing the vast expanse of roles and industries available will help inspire these underrepresented groups.