Network Operations Manager - Edgar Flores

Company: CompTIA
Job Title: Network Operations Manager

What career path did you take to bring you to your current job title?

I started with an interest in web design. In High School I took HTML and C++ classes, but I was always more interested in the infrastructure behind the scene.

When I got to college I decided to major in Computer Science, with a concentration in Networking Systems. From the beginning I was fascinated with the amount of work and systems that need to be in place to bring services to life.

After college I got an IT internship with CompTIA. It was there that I was able to acquire my A+ Certification. I think overall, the internship was the most influential step in my career as it introduced me to the work environment and how to communicate with people.

What does an average working day look like?

There's never a dull day in IT and that's what I love about it. No two days are the same, as our infrastructure evolves and grows.

I start off with a glance at our help desk to see if there's anything pressing. After that it's working on our platforms whether it's our VM environment, exchange, voice, etc.

What advice would you give someone getting into the industry?

Get as much experience as you can. Whether it's a weekend job at a local IT shop, or helping a family member set up a wireless router. It all counts!

Getting a certification will also go a long way. If you're comfortable with building a computer, then you should definitely start preparing for a cert like CompTIA's A+.

How can we inspire more young people and women into the industry to fill the ever widening skills gap?

I think younger people will be more intrigued with a career in IT, if they are shown the basics at a younger stage.

When working on something that is unfamiliar, people tend to shy away from it. If there is basic knowledge and understanding, then younger people will see the path more inviting and not as daunting, and they can be at the forefront of the latest innovations.