Senior Director of IT Infrastructure - Robert Rohrman

Company: CompTIA
Job Title: Senior Director of IT Infrastructure
Bio: Rob is the Senior Director of IT infrastructure at CompTIA. Rob has global responsibilities for the organisation’s networks and systems. He’s well-prepared with a solid technical foundation and the ability to communicate with and understand people’s IT issues.

What career path did you take to bring you to your current job title?

I was always an electronics hobbyist from a very young age. As the internet was just beginning, i understood it, and was able to chart a career path out of something I had always loved doing.

After a few CompTIA and Microsoft Certifications, I was able to get my first IT job

What does an average working day look like?

I typically have to divide my time up in to multiple parts. In addition to managerial and budgetary responsibilities of a manager, I must daily pay attention to Alerts, and keep track of Project and Task prioritization, and immediate requests.

The biggest challenge is focusing on one item until completed properly before moving on to the next. That required discipline and often times, communicating to others that there are priorities, both IT staff and business owners.

What advice would you give someone getting into the industry?

Always ask 'can' vs. 'should' when performing tasks. Orient IT around the business needs of the company, and always keep up on new trends, but do not rush into them too fast either.

How can we inspire more young people and women into the industry to fill the ever widening skills gap?

The earlier someone can learn and gain experience the better. If it's in high school or early in college, working in the lab or doing real work with the computer and technology teachers is a huge plus. It can be daunting to go search for a job and have no experience. so, to have a level of comfort and perhaps a few certifications prior to actually seeking a job is really the way to get ahead.

I also think, like in finance, counselors and professors find individuals who are geared towards certain fields and recruit them. we need more of that type of thing in IT.